Our company


nábitek was founded in 2014 under the premise of generating favorable environments for each space that we inhabit in our daily lives. An interdisciplinary team belonging to a Caldense company with 35 years in the corporate furniture sector decides to create a company, after the closure of the company for which they worked.

In 2015 nábitek forged its destiny in the metal-mechanical industry by acquiring some machines to manufacture cold rolled steel sheets. This same year we acquired important commercial allies that allowed us to expand our range of services and products. For 2016, we entered the structural cabling industry with one of our business partners, with whom we started interior architecture projects at all costs, in order to streamline infrastructure processes and assemblies of work and institutional environments; All this has the objective that the management of the works is conducted by the same team that interacts with each other and communicates directly, taking care of every detail of our projects.


We have an interdisciplinary work team with more than 20 years of experience in the market developing projects of all kinds for various sectors, both public and private, which has allowed us to venture into different fields of the industry: Corporate, Institutional, Commercial, Residential Furniture, Interior Architecture, Electrical and Structured Wiring, Lighting, among others; providing ideas and solutions for each of our projects, providing one of the best after-sales services in the market, which ratifies our focus on taking care of every detail that provides added value to our products.


Create More Productive and Comfortable Environments, which allow users to carry out their day-to-day activities in a comfortable and efficient way, in each of the environments in which they operate.


nábitek intends to provide all its clients with a wide world of possibilities to provide each of the spaces in which it operates, taking care of every detail of these, in order to make them more optimal and comfortable.

To achieve this, our goal is to commercialize products from both the local industry and the international market so that both clients and end users can find in us the best option when creating each of the environments in which they interact on a daily basis.