Chairs are a fundamental element in all types of environments, as they provide the necessary comfort to carry out many of our tasks, we can find them in practically all types of spaces.

t nábitek we care about providing the necessary comfort to our users so that their performance is not affected by an inadequate posture that in the long term can generate ailments and diseases related to the labor field. Thousands of diseases have been found associated with our habits at work or study, muscle problems, spinal deviations, destruction of tissues in the knees and joints, among many others that can be avoided just by correcting our postural habits.

For some years we have been working hand in hand with the occupational health area of ​​some organizations since they are the ones who guide us and provide the parameters and indications with which we can contribute with more efficient and ergonomic designs in each of our chairs. High-quality materials, effective mechanisms, innovative upholstery in addition to a correct assembly of pieces are the characteristics that our saddlery possesses, with full support and guarantee, since we carry out total or partial maintenance of each of these, we have all the spare parts so that the purchased product is durable over time and preserves the anthropometric and usability conditions for which it was designed. We have a wide variety of products in this field from office chairs, interlocutor chairs, university chairs, armchairs, sofas to commercial or industrial chairs.

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