Institutional Furniture

The education sector has undergone various changes in recent times, especially in the teaching methodology focused on learning in a playful, didactic and practical way.

Multidisciplinarity as a non-integrative mix of various disciplines has caused changes in educational environments, forcing them to generate changing alternatives that adapt to the demands of both students and teachers. These environments are aimed at different groups of students segmented according to their tendencies and fields of action in which they constantly move. Institutions are now oriented to promote more open and exploratory spaces both inside and outside the classroom, so that learning is global and integrates theory with field work.

Within the institutional field we find many types of environments, from libraries, to rest areas, through classrooms for theoretical and practical classes, food areas, auditoriums, laboratories and meeting rooms among others, each of these spaces that make up an institution educational consist of some premises under which we have based the design of our projects; We have multiple solutions for each of these spaces, we provide full support to both architects and engineers, providing them with comprehensive advice that allows them to create environments in which learning is pleasant and enriching.

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