To organize and store all types of documents, nábitek offers various options in different types of materials and with multiple configurations, giving harmony to your environments, making them cleaner and more efficient, facilitating your information search tasks, making your work more agile and the company in general.

We have innovative solutions to organize your documents and improve filing tasks, from horizontal filing cabinets to plan libraries, through libraries, file shelves and heavy loads, individual and vertical filing cabinets, credenza, paper cabinets and folders among others.

Optimizing spaces obtaining maximum use of them is one of our ideals, for this we have a complete and efficient rolling filing system capable of storing all kinds of documents or even other types of articles that require safe and organized storage. Documents of great importance, stationery or inactive files are some of the institutional uses that are given to this type of system, allowing to have it safe, orderly and with a minimum occupation of space, since its mechanism of movement on rails, opens corridors between each one of its modules allowing users to access information quickly and accurately.

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